Five Elephant KENYA KAMAGOGO AA Filter 250g

Five Elephant KENYA KAMAGOGO AA Filter 250g

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Kamagogo Coffee Factory
Murang'a County
Ruiru 11, SL 28, SL 34 & Batian
Washed, on tables for 7 to 15 days
1.800 masl
Dried Cranberry, Red Grape and Black Tea

The Kamagogo Coffee Factory was founded in the mid-eighties near the town of Kiriani, and has been processing the area's coffee producers ever since. It is currently affiliated to the Kiru Farmers Cooperative Society, which is comprised of close to 900 local farmers, all growing coffee in a region known traditionally for its tea cultivation.

Both the factory and the cooperative are being supported by Coffee Management Sevices (CMS), whose goal is to increase the region's coffee production by investing in farmer training, and connecting specialty coffee roasters and green bean buyers with the Murang'a County farming community. By offering pre-financing to farmers, CMS helps supports educational programs and farm infrastructure improvements throughout the region, thus building a healthier, more stable coffee-growing industry.


Inhalt: 250g

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